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Friday, April 1, 2011


Ansley's bed
I am blogging from my phone because we are officially in our new house...and I officially don't have internet. Yay.  I also do not have cable so we have been watching movies.  The Grinch is starting to get a little old.  I am sure I will regret saying this, but I may actually miss Good Luck Charlie.  That is a little easier to tolerate than The Grinch....on repeat.  We throw Dennis The Menace in there every now and then.  Ya know, because that's MUCH better.  Add to that fact that I am six months prego and I have been fighting cardboard boxes for a month...well, we are just having a big ol' time at our house!  I keep telling myself, "one day you wll look back and laugh." Or cry.  The most important part is that I will look back...and I can't wait to do that.  Because, well, I'm pregnant...and my feet are swollen.  That is all.

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