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Thursday, May 19, 2011

33 weeks and 2 days...

Today, I am 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Yes, that two days totally matters. It is at this point in the pregnancy where you start counting every day, hour, minute, SECOND until your due date. This is also the point where people start to look at you like you have been beaten with a very large stick. Like, "oh, you poor thing." Then, you have those that actually TELL you how miserable you look. Yeah, cause miserable was totally the look I was going for when I got dressed this morning. That or pitiful. I was aiming for either. Plus, the lack of affordable maternity fashion does not help one bit. Do you really think I want to pay $50 for a shirt that, no matter how cute, still makes me look like a hot air balloon? No. Because, I don't plan to wear this shirt for a long time. Hopefully,I will go back to looking a lot less like a balloon after delivery. Can I also just say that maternity swim suits should just be against the law? Seriously? Who ACTUALLY looks good in these things? Unless you are a Victoria's Secret model who looks like they just had a large lunch. Or, just actually ate lunch for that matter. Average women who shop the maternity section at your local Target shouldn't bother trying them on. Really, just save yourself the stress. Pass it up. If you have to take one summer off, just do it. Or, just wear a t-shirt. It's just not a good situation. Not at all.

I really should stop complaining, I know. I do realize that there are some people out there who would love to be pregnant. This is a great blessing and I am very thankful. One day I will look back and miss this. Miss feeling all the bumps and kicks. Just not the cankles. :)


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    Billie Jean

  2. I remember buying maternity clothes when I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn't believe how expensive they were. A necessity I suppose so they're bound to put the prices up. But it's very unfair isn't it.

    And yes, those two days are very important. They make a lot of difference. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy.

    CJ xx