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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Totally random Thursday

This post is not about ONE thing in particular.  It is about several things...and they are random.

This is not our fish, but it looks just like it.  Credit.

-We have our first official family pet.  His name is Lewbert and he is a betta.  We went in for a simple bowl and a 99 cent goldfish.  The "fish lady" told me that my idea just would not work because my goldfish would be unhappy.  I would need at least a 10 gallon tank.  How could I live knowing I had a depressed goldfish?   What kind of person would that make me?  So, we went with a betta, a plastic bowl that cost $1.20 on clearance (rocks included), a plastic plant and some fish food.  The fish lady approved.  Go figure.  Who knew goldfish were so stuck up?

-I went for a check-up with my OB on Tuesday.  I refused to let the nurse tell me how much I weigh.  They HAVE to weigh you right before they check your blood pressure.  I am trying to keep my pressure down, people!  That's just too much stress to throw at me right before you check it.  So, we are going to skip that part.  The doctor told me my weight was fine.  I am content with that.  Fine is good.

-Our house is coming along great.  We (and by we I mean my husband and my father) have almost all the painting completed.  I went shopping at Hobby Lobby for some cute home decor items.  I discovered a clearance section with 90% off items. 90% off you guys!  I pretty much lost myself and bought a ton of stuff.  Everything was totally necessary, though.  A platter with a chicken on it for $1.60? To put fried chicken on?  Who could pass that up?  Not me, I tell you, not me.

-The weather is getting warmer and I am super excited about that.  I have a little boy that loves to stay outside.  Staying outside means burning off a TON of energy.  Which equals not having a fight on my hands when it is time to go to sleep.  Ah, I love Spring.

-The Bradford Pears are in full bloom in the neighborhood.  Does anyone else think they kinda smell like cat pee?  Maybe its just me.  But, I am totally stocking up on the Claritin.

I will leave you with this super sweet picture of my niece, Maddy.  Love her.

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