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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Totally random Thursday

It's Thursday and that means I several random things I think you should know.

-Command strips are officially one of the best inventions EVER!  I am horrible at hanging pictures and I always end up putting like 50 holes in the wall trying to get them straight.  Not with these things!  I am sure I am "way behind the times" but I am so glad I discovered them.  It's amazing what you will find while you are waiting (very patiently) for your husband at Lowe's...for the hundredth time.

Halloween 2010
 -Avery is in love with Peter Pan.  Well, not actually in love with THE Peter Pan, but the story.  We have watched every Peter Pan related movie, read the books...he is "hooked."  Sorry, couldn't resist.  :)  I think it is because of all the pirates.  One of the many costumes he wears is his pirate costume from Halloween.  Now, though, he says he is Captain Hook of the Jolly Roger.  Too cute.  The theme for his birthday party this year will be pirates.  I have already started buying all things pirate...and his birthday isn't until July. 

-While shopping with my mother the other day, I came across a super cute bunny purse for Easter.  I picked it up and said, "Oh look how cute! Maddy would like this!" Avery's face turned 15 shades of red and said, "You. Are. Embarrassing. Me."  This is coming from my son who's head wear of choice for a trip to the hardware store is a Viking helmet (as seen on Hiccup from 'How To Train Your Dragon).  Or, Spongebob PJ's and snow boots for a trip to Food City.  I don't think a blue bunny purse it that embarrassing. 

-We finally got all of our things out of storage...only to find over half of it needs to be sold in a garage sale.  I ordered a bigger kitchen table and will be on the hunt for two dressers tomorrow.  Avery's room is FULL of boxes and I think there may be two that are not toys or books.  Spoiled much?  I blame it on the grandparents. :)

- I almost have 26 weeks knocked out.  Only 14 more to go.  Carrying a girl is so much different than carrying a boy.  I always heard people talk about the differences but never fully understood it until now.  I feel HUGE already.  My blood pressure issues caused Avery to be very small.  He was only 4 lbs 12 oz when he was born.  I found his preemie clothes today while unpacking boxes.  They were big on him!  So, having a normal birth weight baby will be strange for me.  I am just SO thankful my blood pressure is behaving this time.  I just want her to be healthy!

- Robert put Ansley's bed together today and it looks so good in her room!  After all of my AMAZING family left tonight, Avery called me into her room.  He said, "Mommy, I just wanted to tell you this looks really cute."  I just love him.  Though I am sure it will be an adjustment, I know he will be a great big brother. 

Hope everyone had a blessed day!


  1. Hi Sara,
    I dropped by from Bloggy Moms. I love command strips and the little command hooks are also super handy.

    I live in KY and blog about bargain shopping and other topics. Hope you will drop by and follow me back. Thanks!
    Janet @ KY Klips Blog

  2. How funny!! My son has the exact same pirate costume!! He is totally obsessed with pirates & also love Peter Pan :-)

  3. Of course, this comes AFTER our second trip to Disney where he saw Peter Pan and was far from interested!