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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who needs a dog...

Robert and I thought (briefly) about getting Avery a puppy to grow up with in our new house.  The thought left me quickly today as I cleaned up pee from inside my son's bedroom closet.  Not from a dog...from my son.  What is up with boys and potty training?  I never dreamed it would be THIS hard!  Everyone has given me tons of great advice.  So far, though, nothing has worked with my stubborn little guy.  He wore big boy underwear all day today and did great this morning about using the potty.  We had to take a trip to Lowe's and he had no accidents while we were gone.  Even when he had a MELTDOWN over Spongebob gardening gloves.  But, that's a different story.  Then, we come home and he pees in the closet.  I am seriously thinking about putting ALL of his toys away and only allowing him to get one when he uses the potty.  I just do not know what else to try.  Moving into a new house would be the perfect time to get a couple of boxes and put everything away.  Letting him pick out one when he does good and taking one away when he has an accident.  Maybe that will discourage him from hiding somewhere and going in the floor.  *sigh* Just say a little prayer for us...or I fear I'll be packing Huggies for his first day of school.

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